This year’s Best worst day ever pt. 2

8:30am asked people what their scheduled appointments are. I found the 830s near the first check point. There’s only and elderly man and myself for the 845 schedule. You hand them your passport (with no cover) and your DS-160 form. They verify and let you through.

8:32am I was asked to go through the embassy door.

There’s an x-ray machine and security personnel got my umbrella and asked me to put my things on the machine.

I was to get my umbrella from the floor and then go through another door. This one lead outside the actual embassy building. Lots of empty chairs and what looks like a tindahan. I also saw a photo booth. I keep walking, following non-immigrant signages.

After going through the main door, it was all so fast.

1. Verification windows –  where you give them again your passport, Ds-160 form, your 2×2 us visa photo, and then you tell them your full name and birthday. I was also asked where I am planning to go and my civil status. After which you are handed back your documents with your photo now stapled on the document and you’re asked to go to step 2

2. Finger printing windows – it’s just that. You hand them again the same documents and they ask you to put your fingers on the machine attached to the windowsill. This made me a bit anxious as I have problems with my right hand (my finger prints dont register for a good 2-6+ times on a good day). Good thing I got to see how the lady in the window asked the people to rub their fingers on their palms and then press them with the other hand for pressure. She then hands me back my documents and tells me to move along.

3. Interview windows – I this is where the lines are longer but are moving at a good pace. I was near 2 windows with male consuls and could hear how the applicants are asked. I kept looking in their office and I saw this female consul wearing black and I was suddenly called and asked to go to the other side.

I was asked to fall in line behind this family. After 5 mins I saw that the female consul that I saw on the other side was who waved me to come forward.

I hand her the same documents again, put my supporting documents in front of me, and placed my arms on the ledge. Man am I short.

1. Why do you want to go to the US?

A: visit family and friends. Site seeing.

2. And where did you meet these friends?

A: College. They’re my college friends.

3. Where in the states will you be going and do you have relatives in those states?

A. New Jersey and California. Yes,  I have aunts in both states.

She sighs a lot. She’s probably sleepy. 

4. What is your job?

A. I’m a web and graphics designer for an ad agency.

5. How long have you worked there?

A. Almost five years

6. Have you been anywhere else?

A. Recently I went to the UK. Before that… I went to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

7. Are you traveling with anyone?

A. No one. (enter Trump saying “wrong”)

8. No one?

A. Yes no one. (Trump saying “wrong”)

9. Then who is this Julie Ann…

OH fuck! I totally forgot about Julie. I wrote her name on the application form because we planned to go to the states October but the application took long and she decided to go back to Europe with her mom!

A. Oh she already went ahead. She already has a visa and the schedule took too long (but the last part I said quietly as it felt like she wasn’t listening).

She was bored. She looked bored. I was getting bored. 

10. What course did you take up in college?

A. Business administration.

It’s Oh so Quiet.

C. Your visa has been approved. You will receive your documents in a week.

I pause for a bit and slowly walked away from the window. I don’t know how I felt about the news.

I ask the usher where the exit was. I checked my watch. 9:00am.

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