This year’s Best worst day ever pt. 1

I couldn’t sleep and it’s raining pretty hard. It was 12mn and I’ve set my alarm to 5:30am. 1 hour to take a bath and dress up. 1 hour to eat and find a taxi. 

It’s 2am,  I’m still awake and it’s still raining. 

5:30am alarm goes off. I go to the bathroom and take a shower. 

6:30am walk down to the dining room wearing the blue blouse I wore to the UK visa office and my old dirty character chucks and black jeans. 

7:00am mom and I wait for a taxi outside in the rain. I plan to leave the huge umbrella with my mom and just take the dry tiny umbrella to the embassy. 

7:30am still no taxi. An suv drives by and splashes rain water on my jeans. Asshole. I miscalculated. It was raining all night so I should have left the house earlier.

7:45am we go back in the house. I checked my jeans for marks. None. Good. I try and get a grab taxi instead. No taxi available.

7:55am I decide to use grab car instead. 1 car available for 474 php. I book it. 

8:01am the driver arrives. 

8:20am I see the embassy. So close. 

8:28am I paid the driver and he wishes me well. I scramble to open my umbrella while walking up to a guard directing people in line. Asked where 845s are and walked towards them. 

Here goes nothing.

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