per·son·al space

After work dinner and movie with Jules and Joy. We all haven’t seen X-Men: Apocalypse because we were all um busy. Julie went to France, Joy was in Japan and I was in Baler (*yeah I know ang korni ng akin).

Reserved via I thought there would be more free seats since its already been 2 weeks since it came out. I had to sit beside this nightmare of a guy who kept invading my space for 2.5 hours. He was sitting like his balls are the size of coconuts, his siko was touching my skin if I sit properly, he ate smelly food – loud, he smelled like wet clothes not dried properly (I checked myself and the seat… I’m sure its him) and he would kuyakoy at times which shook my chair and touched my leg.


Good thing Jules is like skinny now and I tried my best to sit close to her and invade her space instead. I need to stop watching in Glorietta 4. The seats are too close to each other and the leg room isn’t so big so if someone had to walk by, your knee would touch their butts (seryoso).

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