Jebus cries snail mail

So I decided to order game sleeves from this new (meaning never tried by me before) place instead of the old one that I’ve used before because they take around 3 days to deliver. 

I should have stopped myself when I tried to look for a cell number and didn’t find one. 

  1. They check their mail after 4pm.
  2. They reply the next day to emails like they don’t really want you to bug them. 
  3. They don’t have a cell number 
  4. Their website layout is kinda shitty . 
  5. Delivery option said a flat rate of below 100.

What took the cake was the reply I got after I asked for an update the next day. 

Your order has been sent via Phil post. However, we can’t provide you with a tracking number because it will add another week to the delivery.

So yeah… 

  1. PhilPost
  4. A WEEK
  5. A F*CKIN WEEK! 

Should always check delivery times and delivery options. I mean everyone’s using 1 day or same day. I could have spent an additional 100 pesos for a next day! 

Oh well. I just hope it gets to me by next week Wednesday since there’s no work on Thursday and Friday. I also hope and pray I don’t have to pick it up at the post office. 

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