Vacation Grief

I never really posted anything about what happened in the 1 month vacation I took.  No stories. I did however posted stuff in my Instagram which was mostly for my mom and used the hash tag # adventuresofmynoo (noo means forehead) since I wouldn’t be caught dead posting a selfie. I also uploaded the photos I took that didn’t get uploaded on Instagram.

Over all, I liked NY  and everything I did with my cousins. In NY we actually got on the wrong bus because I was just following my 2 cousins around so much and messed up the itinerary without me knowing what was in it.  They paid for everything and I will be forever grateful. I want to get them something nice when I finally get a chance (save up i mean). I liked California if it didn’t really feel like I was slightly forcing people to take me out (drive me around).

I didn’t get to see my good friends even those that actually messaged me and told me they can show me around if I wanted them to.  No one gave me an actual itinerary.  They asked where I wanted to go and then said… “OK”.  Everyday was – wake up early, take a bath, get dressed and then get in the car when I tell you to.  I don’t really like surprises but I hated asking people for favors more so I went along (I wasn’t really spending anything anyway).

When Arlene and I went to the UK, she told me she already had an itinerary and would like to make sure that I liked where she planned to go (since she’s planned this months before inviting me).  Sent me the file and I was allowed to add to it.

Considerations I made when updating the itinerary already planned:

  1.  I had to check the schedule of the place I wanted to see (if it was open or not on the week we are scheduled to go),
  2.  If it was free or not and if the price was OK with my travel mate
  3.  If the place I wanted to see was close to another scheduled activity and that there were no conflicts.
  4. Group together places that were on the same grid so traveling time won’t be a problem.
  5.  If we need train tickets – schedule them ahead of time as they get expensive on the day itself.

The after was the worst.  My dad was pretty sad but mom was kinda worried about my ride.  I was worried about going back to work and the heat.  I liked that I didn’t get sweaty unless I wanted to sweat.

Found this image that kinda summarizes what I felt.


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